Saturday, January 1, 2011

Something NEW for the New Year

MY GOOD FRIEND Robyn Gioia is going to take over the first Monday of the Month in place of my regular Mndays With Mike. Robyn is a talented writer and educator and you may remember her from my interview with her on November 8. Robyn will be starting her column this Monday, January 3, 2011 with a trip into the world of ebooks. And speaking of ebooks, look for my upcoming interview with new ebook author Stephen Brayton, coming later this month. Welcome Robyn!

And, for those who have wondered, Bo is coming along nicely. Later today we’ll be taking down the barrier to the stairs so he can go up to his regular bed. Good boy, Bo. Bow-wow.

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  1. Update on Bo: Stitches were removed this morning; he’s back to running up and down the stairs. Life is good again. Bow-wow!