Friday, December 31, 2010

Sad little dog on New Year's Eve

Bo, resigned to his status

I’M SITTING HERE with a rather sad dog. He had a few lumps surgically removed the other day and now has to wear an old sweat shirt and a sock on his right rear leg to keep him from scratching and opening the stitches. The worst part for him is that he can’t climb stairs until Monday. His bed (okay, who’s kidding who, it’s really my bed, too) is up stairs and he wonders why the steps are blocked off to him.

But the poor little guy he seems to be taking it all with quiet resignation. Good boy, Bo! Just hang in for a few more days.

Happy New Year, everybody. Bow-wow.


  1. Hope he does well and heals up, Mike!


  2. Thanks, Brett – He’s been doing better since he was allowed back on the stairs.

  3. Update on Bo: Stitches were removed this morning; he’s back to running up and down the stairs. Life is good again. Bow-wow!

  4. Mike,
    the photo depicts realism:there are suffering and pain, and hope in the eyes of the dog. His ears tight to the head says to me that he surrendered himself to your will. He is stoic, however, and looking forward for recovery. I like your dog, Mike.
    He will be fine.
    Dog Svetlana