Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here's a chance for a book contract

HERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY for an unpublished mystery author looking for a book contract. The mystery conference Killer Nashville is sponsoring the annual Claymore Dagger Award for the best unpublished novel.

The winner gets consideration for publication from longtime New York publisher Avalon Books.   In addition to mysteries, Avalon also publishes romances, historical romances, westerns, and series. Avalon Books is on the Mystery Writers of America approved publisher list.

Last year (2009), Avalon not only requested the winning manuscript, but requested eight (8) of the other runner-ups, as well. That’s nine (9) manuscripts requested! And though there is only one Claymore Dagger Award winner, Avalon may request as many manuscripts as they wish.

The entry deadline is MAY 5, 2010, anyone can enter – you do not have to attend Killer Nashville to enter. For more information on the 2010 Claymore Dagger Award, click here and follow the navigation links at the top under “Awards” once you have entered the new 2010 Killer Nashville site.

The winner will be announced Saturday, August 21, 2010 at the annual Killer Nashville Awards Ceremony. Further questions my be directed to Killer Nashville.

The Claymore Dagger mail in entry form can be found here. Instructions are listed here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The ARCs are in . . . now what do I do with them?

THIS WEEK MY PUBLISHER delivered about 30 ARCs to me. For those wondering, an ARC is an “advance reading copy” of a novel. The purpose of an ARC is two-fold: first, it gives the author (me) an opportunity to review the book and look for any unintentional errors made when the book was transformed from a copy-edited manuscript to galley form; and second, it is sent to reviewers in advance of the book’s actual publication date. The scheduled publication date is June 16; the date the book will be supplied to wholesalers and distributors is July 7.

So what do I do with 30 ARCS? Well, right now I’m looking for mystery reviewers to send them to. I’ve already received a list of reviewers that the publisher has sent copies to, so I’m looking for other reviewers who may not be on the “A” list, but do have a following and review mysteries.

Sometimes writing is the easy part of this job. Marketing is where the headaches begin. What to do with 30 ARCs? Hummmmm . . .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That was quick: New senator heads for book deal

PUBLISHERS LUNCH is reporting that newly elected Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass) has retained Robert Barnett at Williams & Connolly to help him secure a book deal. The senator’s communications director Gail Gitcho says Brown is "honored and humbled to be approached by many people who want him to tell his inspirational personal story.... He will tell his story in a book in hopes of providing insight and encouragement to others and also to ensure that the record is complete and accurate." He'll work with a collaborator so that he has some time to serve as a senator, and will donate "part" of the proceeds to charity. Maybe I can jump start the advance sales for End of the Line if I run for office. You apparently don’t even have to win, just look at the sales numbers for Sarah Palin’s book. Humm…is the dog catcher job open this year?