Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The ARCs are in . . . now what do I do with them?

THIS WEEK MY PUBLISHER delivered about 30 ARCs to me. For those wondering, an ARC is an “advance reading copy” of a novel. The purpose of an ARC is two-fold: first, it gives the author (me) an opportunity to review the book and look for any unintentional errors made when the book was transformed from a copy-edited manuscript to galley form; and second, it is sent to reviewers in advance of the book’s actual publication date. The scheduled publication date is June 16; the date the book will be supplied to wholesalers and distributors is July 7.

So what do I do with 30 ARCS? Well, right now I’m looking for mystery reviewers to send them to. I’ve already received a list of reviewers that the publisher has sent copies to, so I’m looking for other reviewers who may not be on the “A” list, but do have a following and review mysteries.

Sometimes writing is the easy part of this job. Marketing is where the headaches begin. What to do with 30 ARCs? Hummmmm . . .

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