Friday, November 21, 2008

Italian Television Interview

I WAS INTERVIEWED YESTERDAY for a documentary on Italian television!

There was an Italian television crew in town this week continuing a series of interviews for a documentary on locally “prominent” Italian-Americans. I was called because I was an author and attorney. While in town they also interviewed a retired judge, a monsignor, and a restaurateur.

The chief judge for our district authorized the use of a courtroom in the Polk County Courthouse for my interview (getting a foreign film crew through security would have been impossible without that authorization). The interview lasted about 45 minutes. They also took a lot of background film of me walking through the courthouse.

The documentary is going to be aired sometime next spring in Italy. The producer is going to send a DVD copy back to the local Italian Cultural Center to make copies for those interviewed here.

I must say that the film crew’s English – broken as it was – was still a lot better than my Italian!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Second Mystery is Coming . . .

FIVE STAR, MY PUBLISHER has just informed me that it will publish my next book, The End of the Line. It continues with the same characters in my first murder mystery, Murder Most Holy. Publishing timetables being what they are, the book will probably not be available for another year. Murder Most Holy is still available in paperback from Worldwide Mysteries, which is a division of Harlequin Publishing.

Here are some of the reviews for Murder Most Holy:

“This entertaining debut novel is reminiscent of Dylan Schaffer’s writing. … I’ll be watching for more books by this author.” Crime Spree Magazine

“Fans will enjoy this lighthearted whodunit and want more inquiries led by this noble threesome.” – Midwest Book Review

“It has just the right balance of logic, whimsy, and individuality. The characters provide the perfect blend. … a top notch mystery. Don’t miss this one.” – My

Just click on the picture at the left and you will be taken to the website where you can purchase the paperback.