Friday, November 21, 2008

Italian Television Interview

I WAS INTERVIEWED YESTERDAY for a documentary on Italian television!

There was an Italian television crew in town this week continuing a series of interviews for a documentary on locally “prominent” Italian-Americans. I was called because I was an author and attorney. While in town they also interviewed a retired judge, a monsignor, and a restaurateur.

The chief judge for our district authorized the use of a courtroom in the Polk County Courthouse for my interview (getting a foreign film crew through security would have been impossible without that authorization). The interview lasted about 45 minutes. They also took a lot of background film of me walking through the courthouse.

The documentary is going to be aired sometime next spring in Italy. The producer is going to send a DVD copy back to the local Italian Cultural Center to make copies for those interviewed here.

I must say that the film crew’s English – broken as it was – was still a lot better than my Italian!

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