Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interview with the governor-elect; a good time to buy my book!

Gov.-Elect Branstad
OVER THE WEEKEND I finished my monthly column for the Catholic Mirror, here in Des Moines. It is an interview with Governor-elect Terry Branstad. For those of you outside the state, Terry Branstad was governor for 16 years and left office 12 years ago. When he was first elected he was – at that time – the youngest governor in the United States. This year he sought and won an unprecedented fifth term as governor and will take office January 14. The interview is non-partisan and deals with his life, marriage, and faith. The December issue is scheduled for delivery December 17. If you do not receive the paper, you can follow the link and read the column on line.

BTW, it is not too late to order my mystery, End of the Line, for Christmas delivery. The book is set during the Christmas season, so it’s a perfect time to read it or give it as a gift. Follow the link to the right to check out the book and some of the reviews on the site.

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