Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Montezuma Conference & New Book Reviews

THIS SATURDAY I will be in Montezuma for the All-Iowa Writers Conference. The conference is open to all with a very low $25 price. More information can be found here.

In addition, there are a few new reviews of my book, End of the Line, that were just brought to my attention:

“[T]he characters are as much of the story as the plot is. As Manno introduces readers to the characters and their flaws, he gives them more depth than the characters typically found in a mystery… Manno also manages to include a host of interesting side characters, which add fun to the read without confusing the plot or weighing it down. End of the Line is an entertaining thriller with fast-paced action and quirky characters that will have you turning pages in anticipation of the next event. I like these guys—and I hope to see more of Stan, Parker, and even Buffy in the future.”

“Manno’s clean writing style sets a fast pace. Dry details such as annulment procedures are spiced up in the delivery by interesting characters like Fr. Thomas “Rock” Dodge, a former police officer. The ending brings a surprise, but the clues are all in the book if you’re sharp enough to catch them.”

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  1. To meet Tony is to meet the essence of a writer who believes in himself and his work, and is willing to get his books out there even if it is one book at a time. I think Tony should write a novella for writers starting out and tell about the importance of perserverence and going it alone until the momentum occured.. I for one as am impressed with him as a man, as well as a most talented author who will soon be in the annals of literary distinction.