Friday, April 9, 2010

MWA - Harlequin dispute ended

THIS JUST IN from the Mystery Writers of America:

“We are pleased to welcome Harlequin, and all of its imprints, back onto our Approved Publishers list. Harlequin has agreed to abide by all of our existing criteria for inclusion. This means that Harlequin books, including those published within the last year, are eligible for Edgar consideration and their authors for active status MWA membership.”

As you recall, MWA suspended Harlequin from its approved publisher list last December due to the operation of its vanity press subsidiary. Apparently that dispute has been resolved and authors who publish through Harlequin will continue to be eligible for active membership in MWA. As you may recall, the paperback edition of Murder Most Holy was published by a Harlequin imprint, World Wide Mystery. This was in 2008, several years before the dispute erupted. The hard back version was published in 2006 by Five Star, an approved publisher, who is also publishing my latest, End of the Line, due out in June (don’t forget to get your pre-order in to Amazon!).

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