Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Start of a New Blog

WELCOME. Several friends have suggested that as an author I should have a blog to go along with my web page. They say it will help increase sales and visibility, so here goes!

In addition to writing my murder mysteries, I also write an occasional legal commentary, usually of a conservative bent, for either a local or national publication. I’m also in Central Iowa, which right now is a political hot bed, with all the presidential candidates stumping for support in the upcoming Iowa caucuses. Today, Mrs. Edwards, wife of former Senator John Edwards, was in town at the downtown Farmers’ Market trading political spin for sweet corn. I tend to follow politics religiously, so I won’t hesitate to present a view or two and welcome yours.

My first book is a mystery, “Murder Most Holy.” It is the story of the investigation into the murder of a young nun in a Midwestern city where her father is a very opinionated and controversial newspaper publisher. The reviews have been good; you can see excerpts on my web page and many in full on the book’s Amazon page. The story is told in a semi-humorous fashion, and would be rated “PG” if it were a movie. If you are interested in a good, clean fun read, click on through the Amazon link and check it out.

If you are a writer, you might also want to check out my web pages since I have some interesting information and links for writers.

I also teach law and political science at Upper Iowa University. I have the summer off so I have a few extra hours to try to figure out how to run a blog. I am what the politically correct would characterize as “technology challenged.” In my book that means “computer illiterate.” But, I promise, I’ll try.
PS -- Don't forget to vote in my poll; should Michael Vick be suspended?

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