Friday, July 23, 2010

Miscellaneous things about writing (and me)

A WHOLE LOT of nuthin’—well, actually a bit of something. Starting Monday I’m going to add a new “feature” to my blog: Mondays With Mike. Each Monday I’m going to have another author on for an interview or a guest blog. Next Monday I am starting with John Desjarlais author of the mystery Bleeder, about a priest who dies mysteriously in church on Good Friday, and the upcoming mystery, Viper. John has written several other non-mystery books and I think you’ll find his story interesting and hope you will feel free to comment.

I am getting back to work on my third Parker Noble mystery. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and I lost about four chapters of the manuscript. Fortunately, I had printed those chapters off and was able to scan them back into my computer; a hassle, and it took most of my free time yesterday, but I got the job done.

Speaking of writing, mysteries were not my first genre; I had started several books many years ago. One was political novel about the first black president, Albert Oliver Armstrong. But, as you can see, I waited a bit too long to bring that project to conclusion (I knew there was a reason for wanting McCain).

I also had a non-fiction historical book I want to do right after college. In fact, I had made some tentative plans to travel and do the research for it, but decided I should keep my job instead. The book I wanted to do was on the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson; had I started when I wanted it would have been ready just about the time there was serious talk about impeaching Richard Nixon. The timing alone would have made it a best seller. And to add insult to injury, I was eventually fired from that job.

Oh well. Tune in Monday to meet John. Have a great weekend, and remember, if you are in the Newton, Iowa area Monday evening, stop by the library say hello.

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