Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nice event by the Joice Library

MY WIFE AND I HAD a wonderful time yesterday at the Seventh Annual Author Invitational and omelet breakfast held as a fundraiser for the Joice, Iowa Public Library. There were 13 authors present ranging from Christian and inspirational, to romance, to murder (me). We met some very interesting folks, and made some nice contacts for my new novel, End of the Line, which is due out in June.


One of the attendees was Robert Kerr, a Des Moines area school psychologist, who wrote an interesting book, Completely Restored, in which a new homeowner is taken back in time to the year the old house he was restoring was built. Seated next to me was Valerie Lackore (above), a writer from Forest City, Iowa whose book, Trials to Triumphs, is the inspirational story of her son’s more than 50 laser surgeries.

One of the most interesting authors was Carson Ode who, with his wife, traveled through all 99 counties in Iowa and documented, in words and photos, what living in Iowa is really like. His book was so spectacular I’ve included a link to it in my “Recommended Books” section in the right column. Cover below:


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