Sunday, November 1, 2009

November is National Novel Writing Month

IN CASE YOU NEED an excuse to start your Great All American Novel, this is National Novel Writing Month. In fact, to get you going there is a nation-wide effort to get would-be authors to turn out a 50,000 word manuscript by the 30th of the month. It is called NaNoWriMo and can be found by following this link. There are no fees for entering and there are no prizes for finishing, except the satisfaction of having completed that novel you’ve always known you can do. And who knows, perhaps – just perhaps, it could lead to a real live book contract. Remember, we all started somewhere nowhere near the top!

And if you want some writers tips, scroll down a few entries where you can read about Joe Konrath’s free downloadable book on getting published. Joe’s website is

Good luck, and let’s see if you can’t make this a month to remember.

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