Monday, June 8, 2009

Tips for writers

ONE OF THE LAST THINGS NEWBIE WRITERS learn is that there are really rules for writing that agents and editors look to see if you have followed in your submission. There are numerous sites on the web that you can consult that will assist you in developing your story and the preparation of your manuscript. I’ve found a few sites listed here that might be a point from which to start a journey or refresh your knowledge. No promises, but you might want to check them out.

The Writers Site
The art and business of writing

Fiction Writer’s Connection
Novel writing tips

Getting Published:
Getting Started
Writing Tips
Lecture Notes
Fun With Words
Tracking Submissions

Whodunnit, Howdunit, and Whydunnit: 10 tips for writing your mystery novel

How do you get a novel published?
By Terry Whalin, Whalin Literary Agency, LLC

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