Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can you give these dogs a home?

THIS IS A BIT OUT OF CHARACTER for this blog but a friend of my wife’s is looking for a home for two Cocker Spaniels. So if you are in the Central Iowa area, take a look at this.

The dogs were placed in “foster home” because the owner had to go to a nursing home unexpectedly. The dogs' names are Daisy Mae and Buddy. Daisy is the smaller one of the two and is five years old. Buddy is a male and is four years old. They have always been together so the foster parents would like to find a home where they can stay together. They are very lovable, cuddly dogs and they love to go for walks and to play fetch with tennis balls. Both dogs and are very good with the foster parents’ kids and their friends.

If you are interested, you can contact the foster parents (Jim Kent) at

Remember, there is a special place in heaven for those who care for animals!

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