Monday, February 4, 2008

State of the Onion

THE WHITE HOUSE KITCHEN IS THE BACKGROUND for a new mystery series that is part political suspense and part amateur sleuth. My friend Julie Hyzy has produced an excellent new series beginning with the just released State of the Onion. It follows assistant White House chef Olivia (Ollie) Paras as she becomes an unwitting actor in an international assassination plot during her campaign to succeed her friend as the top presidential chef.

The book starts quickly with a bang (or a bong), as Ollie uses an engraved frying pan, meant as a gift for her retiring boss, to stop a man being chased by the secret service across the White House lawn. One thing leads to the next as Ollie’s small bout of heroism gets her drug into to a murderous plan to sabotage the president’s mid-east peace initiative. As the unsuspecting Ollie dodges attempts on her own life, she is also being upstaged by her chief rival for the executive chef position; all under the nose of her secret, secret service beau Tom MacKenzie who is all but powerless to help her out.

A good, fast read for anyone who likes suspense in any genre. And the book has a nice bonus: an appendix full of informal presidential recipes.

A Berkley Prime Crime Mystery. Paperback.

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  1. i bought and read this a few weeks was a fun read...i enjoyed it :)