Thursday, November 15, 2007

RFK Assassination

A SHORT TIME AGO I finished an interesting book on the Robert Kennedy murder. Since high school I’ve been interested in the assassination of his brother, President Kennedy, since there seemed to be so many open questions about it. But I never bothered much with the Robert Kennedy killing since it seemed like such an open-and-shut case; after all, Sirhan Sirhan was caught in the act, with the gun in the pantry still firing his gun.

Dan E. Moldea, in “The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy” presents a number of theories about the murder, including an inside look at things the official investigation missed. After exploring alternative theories, including one in which the senator was killed by a security guard assigned for crowd control, Moldea presents his own conclusion which, by the end of the book, may or may not be surprising. It was an interesting read for the history or conspiracy buff.

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