Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Good Writers’ Resource

I HAD LUNCH THIS WEEK with my good friend Jerry Hooten. If you are a mystery writer, or just a mystery fan, you ought to know Jerry. He’s a former federal lawman and weapons consultant who has been advised some of the biggest names in mysteries. One of Jerry’s frequent authors is Michael Connelly who acknowledged Jerry in his latest book, Echo Park, by naming a FBI sound tech after him! Do writers really do those things? Yes.

Anyway, Jerry has put his knowledge of crime, police procedures and writing into a useful site for mystery writers. He also publishes a monthly E-zine for writers. It’s fee; to sign up for it go to Jerry’s web page: While you’re there, check out his book, “Don’t Talk to Strangers.”

On an unrelated sad note, as I write this word is coming through of the Interstate 35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis. I have many friends in the Minneapolis area, including the three mystery writers who make up the Minnesota Crime Wave, Carl Brookins, Ellen Hart, and William Kent Krueger ( Naturally, all our prayers should be with the good folks of the Twin Cities.

Don't forget to check out my latest poll. This week it has some political overtones.

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  1. Mike,

    Like your blog. I will check in once in a while. I too get Jerry's newsletter. Great source of info for mystery writers and also fun. How are Stan and Buffy doing?